White House Announces Crisis Hotline for LGBTQ+ Youth

Following the enactment of several bills barring transgender children from exercising their rights nationwide, the Biden administration is emphasizing the existence of a hotline that children can call.

Out White House Press Secretary Karine Jean-Pierre emphasized the existence of the resource during Thursday’s White House press conference.

“I know that these political attacks can really take a toll on people’s mental health. So I want to say directly to LGBTQI+ kids – you are loved just as you are, just the way you are. And if you’re feeling overwhelmed, you call 988,” Jean-Pierre said. “The National Crisis Hotline and dial the number ‘3’ to talk to a counselor who has been specifically trained to support LGBTQI+ kids.”

Jean-Pierre noted that the Biden administration was proud to offer this new service “during these incredibly hard times for these trans kids.”

Original article published on 4/7/2023 by The Advocate