10 easy tips for demonstrating allyship

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Did you know, just one accepting adult can save an LGBTQIA+ person’s life?
Download the Human Rights Campaign's "Being an LGBTQ ally" guide.
Visit GLSEN to learn about allyship at school for students, parents and educators.
Help create a more LGBTQIA+ inclusive workspace with these 11 easy steps.

Never underestimate the power of a t-shirt.

You can’t be an ally if you’re silent or invisible. A small gesture or two can mean a lot. Like wearing a Pride t-shirt that lets people know you are supportive. This small action may carry more weight than you realize. We offer a variety of merchandise in our online store which can attract free hugs and show someone they are not alone.

Attend a Pride event.

Accompany a loved one to a Pride event. Pride events happen all year long. Joining a loved one to meet others and learn more about their community demonstrates your care for them.

Volunteer with Free Mom Hugs.

Join Free Mom Hugs and volunteer at an event with a group of supporters! We have chapters in all 50 states who could use your help and provide ways for you to get involved in our amazing work.

Go shopping!

Support LGBTQIA+ owned and friendly businesses that ensure equal treatment for employees and customers.

Small gestures can give a big message.

Even a coffee cup with a rainbow or LGBTQ+ logo or message can signal your allyship! A loved one will know you are a safe, supportive friend or family member when they see you visibly displaying your support even in simple ways. A coffee cup, water bottle, tote bag or other accessory demonstrating your commitment to the community may be all someone needs to see you as a caring supporter of the LGBTQIA+ community.

Educate Yourself

Stock your home or school library with books that celebrate LGBTQ+ protagonists. Books can create conversation, make special gifts for a loved one and signal your support for the community. Check out our library of resources at

Share your pronouns.

Sharing pronouns in your email signature, when you introduce yourself or on your social platforms demonstrates your respect for people’s identity and creates a more welcoming space for people of all genders.

Wear a Pride pin or button.

Wearing a pin in the classroom, on a zoom call or around town lets those around you know you are committed to inclusion and someone they can count on as an ally.


Donate to LGBTQIA+ organizations that are fighting for the rights of your loved ones and encourage others to do so. You could even host your own fundraiser in honor of someone you care about and bring people together for an organization important to you.