What We Do


Parades & Marches

Members of the Free Mom Hugs attend many PRIDE parades and festivals all across the nation. Walking in parades and showing our support for the LGBTQ community is core to who we are at Free Mom Hugs. Find a chapter near you and join us as we walk.

The Free Mom Hugs Tour

A vital component to the mission of the Free Mom Hugs organization. Every year we embark on a journey to visit sites of historical significance to the LGBTQ+ community. Sites visited in the past include Stonewall, Laramie Wyoming, and San Francisco.

Transgender Valentines Banquet

We believe representation and visibility to be core to what we do. Over 120 people attended out Transgender Valentines Banquet to celebrate trans siblings. The Transgender Valentines banquet connects trans people to their community in a meaningful and special way.

Together we can make a difference.

Your donations help raise awareness and provide education to families, religious and civil leaders & organizations — not only to affirm the value of the LGBTQ+ community, but to celebrate all of its community.

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