What We Do


The Free Mom Hugs Story

Sara Cunningham began her journey of becoming an advocate of the LGBTQIA+ community through her relationship with her gay son. She founded  Free Mom Hugs in 2014 and since that time many parents and allies across the country joined the movement to accept, love and support the LGBTQIA community.

Free Mom Hugs became an established 501(c)(3) non profit organization in 2018 to fight for human rights for all.



Our Mission

Empowering the world to celebrate the
LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, education, and conversation.

And yes, we still give hugs!

Core Values

Inclusion & Diversity



Volunteering & Service

A better tomorrow.

Free Mom Hugs is a registered non-profit organization made up of parents and allies who love the LGBTQ+ community unconditionally and are working toward full affirmation and equality for all.

 We are dedicated to educating families, church and civic leaders, encouraging them to not only affirm the value of the LGBTQ+ community but celebrate them.

Your donations allow us to advocate for equality for the LGBTQ+ community by providing resources, education, and support at community events, churches, and colleges.

Please explore the website to learn more about our initiatives and projects. Thanks for visiting. We would love to stay in contact

Sara Cunningham, Jonathan Drummond, David Holt

Together we can make a difference.

Your donations help raise awareness and provide education to families, religious and civil leaders & organizations — not only to affirm the value of the LGBTQ+ community, but to celebrate all of its community.