who we are

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what we do

Free Mom Hugs is a group of affirming parents who love their LGBTQ+ kids unconditionally and take those hugs of love and acceptance to others. For some, those hugs can be the difference between life or death. 

we influence

we aim to eliminate LGBTQ+ prejudice, and end the abusive practice of conversion therapy

we love

we stand with and love our LGBTQ+ children


we travel

we attend various events, offering hugs, support and resources to the LGBTQ+ community. Free Mom Hugs also offers speakers for various functions and events.

we educate

we work to educate parents as well as religious and civic leaders

I’m a Christian mom with a gay kid living in Oklahoma saying enough is enough. If I don’t fight for my son (and his rights) like my hair is on fire, then who will? It’s time we celebrate our LGBTQ+ children. And I won’t stop until I no longer hear horror stories from the LGBTQ+ community and their mothers.

Sara Cunningham
Executive Director