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Sara Cunningham talks with the boys at Gay Talk 2.0

The Gay Talk 2.0 Podcast airs every Monday, with three friends, Tom, Nick and Chris, who love to sit around a table with cocktails, giving their often times hilarious perspectives on the latest news and current events and how they impact the LGBTQ+ community. It is always an interesting and enjoyable show where the friends discuss “The Dish”, where they discuss the latest news, and anything that pertains to their guest(s). They also have a segment where they discuss a Gay Talk Term for the week, which can go from educational to outrageous! They also have a wonderful segment called, On This Day in Gay History is a part of the program where they educate themselves and others on events, achievements and historic moments in LGBTQ+ history. The three friends don’t shy away from any topic, so Sara was able to be her free- spirited self as she sat down with her friends at Gay Talk 2.0 for Pride Month.

What a Year it has Been

Free Mom Hugs founder Sara Cunningham

Sara had visited with our fabulous friends a year ago, and my, what a year it has been. Who knew we would be navigating a pandemic instead of going to Pride celebrations this year? The non-profit has adjusted, and become more virtual in its mission and message. And also created a Virtual Free Mom Hugs Tour as a replacement for their annual cross -country Tour. It was a tremendous success, in the most important of ways: people felt loved and supported.

What Else is New?

Sara’s favorite things!

The boys also ask Sara all about the great things happening in her life, and in the life of the Free Mom Hugs.Free Mom Hugs has recently been blessed with the support of Barefoot Wines. Their Pride Packaging on their select wines and spritzers, not only celebrate the LGBTQ+ community but proceeds from those sales will go to the non-profit and to our programs to educate and advocate. We are so grateful for this ongoing partnership, and for the consistent and passionate allyship of Barefoot Wines.

We are Making a Movie!

Sara Cunningham with actress Jamie Lee Curtis

Sara’s memoir, How We Sleep at Night, caught the eye and attention of actress and activist, Jamie Lee Curtis who has plans to star and direct in a film based on Sara’s story. Sara and Jamie Lee connected on a personal level, and believe this film will be a much needed resource for many families who need to see a family like theirs. As a conservative, Christian mother, when Sara’s son Parker came out as gay, she had quite a lonely and isolating journey educating herself on human sexuality, science and theology, to get to the point where she could go from the church to the pride parade. The church nor her family had helpful information on how to be supportive of a gay child. And Sara believes this film will be just what many families will need to see. She has said many times, “What I wouldn’t give to have the resources available today that I needed as a conservative mother. There’s a mother like me then, who needs a mother like me now.”

The conversation is encouraging and uplifting, for parents needing help understanding and celebrating their LGBTQ+ kids. And also gives hope to those kids who may have unsupportive parents, that with time and resources,  may come around just like Sara did.

And of course, everyone had to celebrate the biggest news which was the landmark SCOTUS decision to make it illegal to discriminate against the LGBTQ+ community in the workplace. Such wonderful news for so many of our families, and all of our volunteers at Free Mom Hugs. We can celebrate and continue the work of making the world a kinder, safer place for our LGBTQ+ family and friends.

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