April 21, 2020

We’re Here Premier on HBO Featuring Free Mom Hugs

Our friends at HBO have produced a new, powerful series, titled We’re Here, that will touch your heart. It showcases what Drag Queens do best, spread love and happiness all around the world. The basic premise of the show is following Eureka, Bob the Drag Queen and Shangela, as they recruit and train small town residents to participate in a one-night only drag performance.

Not only are we thrilled about the impact and visibility this show will bring to our drag family, but also, Free Mom Hugs is mentioned in the show. One of the people highlighted in the first episode is a Free Mom Hug member. She tells about her struggles over her child’s sexuality and the journey that she took.

We hope the world will get to see the beauty and the spirit of the community of Drag performers, and get to experience all the generosity they emit, not only on stage but in their personal lives as well. Our founder, Sara Cunningham, had her own epiphany at a Drag Show, describing the performance as moving and spirit filled as church. And after that moment, has been a devoted fan and advocate of Drag Queens and a regular attendee of Drag Shows.

We hope the world will get to see the beauty and the spirit of the community of Drag performers

If having a moment in this new series, with Free Mom Hugs highlighted wasn’t enough, the producers at HBO are hosting an online party in which Free Mom Hugs and our fellow Mama Dragons will be mentioned. In the pre-show the folks who are participating will be mentioning our missions and encouraging donations to further our missions. And HBO is really coming through for all of us by providing this beyond their paywall. You can watch it via HBO’s YouTube Channel. Set a reminder and join us on Facebook for the watch party!

Shangela, Eureka and Bob the Drag Queen on HBO with Free Mom Hugs
Join us April 23rd for #WereHere

We are so ecstatic and grateful for this event and the relationships that will follow as we all work together to bring representation and visibility to ALL. Our mama bears, allies, family and friends have been on the front lines educating and advocating to the equality of all humans and their expression of their humanity.

Free Mom Hugs and its 50 Chapters continues to advocate and support not only our Drag Queens, but also the beautiful gift of Drag Queen Story Hours. Our chapters regularly attend these events, and even work to protect children at these events.

We believe strongly in a world without shame for being your true authentic self.

We hope that you will join us in following the show, and encourage our message of visibility and understanding. Free Mom Hugs mission statement mirrors the purpose and power of We’re Here, and we can’t wait to see the after effects in the world when people understand the Drag Community even better.

Sneak peak below, it is such a wonderful show:

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