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This woman offered to be the ‘mom’ at any gay wedding. Her post went viral.

by Cathy Free, Human interest contributor, Washington Post


Filling the Gap

Mom aims to embrace gay children, parents

by MELISSA HOWELL, Staff Writer, the Oklahoman


Stand-In Mom at Same-Sex Weddings

Meet the Woman Who Volunteers as a 'Stand-In' Mom at Same-Sex Weddings: It's a 'Complete Joy'

by Char Adams, People Magazine


Oklahoma woman offers to be a stand-in mom at LGBTQ weddings

"If you need a mom to attend your same sex wedding because your biological mom won't, call me. I'm there."

by Caitlin O'Kane, CBS News


Statement on Achille School District


We are reaching out and expressing our concerns with the Achille School District. In light of recent events, we would like to offer our resources and connections with mental health professionals, to create a time for LGBTQ sensitivity training among your board, staff and/or student body. We have seen the posts involving parents from your school district; and are more than disheartened. But, we, in our experience, have seen that so much hate and abuse stems from fear and ignorance. The tragedy is, this level of emotional torture and threats of violence ( from adults ), will undoubtedly lead to depression, mental illness and the prompting of suicidal thoughts. We, at Free Mom Hugs, believe in complete, affirming love of our LGBTQ children. We have done the research, and are prepared for a healthy, productive discussion. And to bring education to bridge this disturbing gap. We desire to bring the most basic of human rights to this particular child, their family, and other students like them. It is proven that the more a person is educated to the culture and life of another person, the more successful they are in life. There is so much to understand about the transgender child; and once educated, the fear and anxiety dissolve. I would hope we could work together in bringing this education and training to your staff. And allow understanding to trickle down to the students and their families. We are not naive enough to believe we can change everyone; but with the right resources and options, we know we can begin the process of healing.
Please let us know how we can be of assistance. We would love the opportunity to reach out to the family of the bullied child, and offer them support and guidance.
Thank you so much for your consideration. The time is now to say enough is enough. And we will help you.

On behalf of Free Mom Hugs.

Sara Cunningham
Executive Director

view a PDF of this statement here