Katrina Kalb

Programs + Social Media

Katrina joined Free Mom Hugs because she felt the insurmountable love in the organization and in its founder, Sara Cunningham. That love is vitally important to Katrina, a former chaplain/counselor, worship leader and youth pastor. As a conversion therapy survivor, Katrina understands first-hand the damage and danger of that practice and has a special emphasis in her ministry to educate, and to eliminate reparative therapy programs.

She holds a degree in Sociology and Psychology from The University of Oklahoma, and Katrina spends her time sharing meals with family and friends. She loves nature and goes there for healing.

Katrina is a social media whiz, has an amazing sense of humor and style, and is a tireless scheduler and organizer. She manages to be tough and tender at the same time, making her a tireless warrior for LGBTQ+ equality.

“My hopes are that when the LGBTQ+ community encounters Free Mom Hugs, they will see Jesus with skin on,” Katrina said. “That they would not just feel but know deep in their souls that their sexuality is not a sin or error to correct. And that by seeing our example, their parents, family and friends would take the time for a deeper understanding and move closer to love.”

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