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Katrina Kalb (she/her)

Katrina Kalb is a founding board member of Free Mom Hugs and is known as the historian of the organization. She currently serves as Program Director and Social Media Manager, and her role has expanded over the years to include managing communications and public relations. She also lends a hand in fundraising, donor engagement, and providing direction for chapters across the country.

A survivor of the denounced practice known as conversion therapy, Katrina speaks to bring light to this dangerous practice, which harms the LGBTQIA+ community under the guise of hope and healing. A former Chaplain and youth pastor, Katrina is aware of the deep need to change the thinking and narrative in the church.

A graduate of the University of Oklahoma with degrees in Sociology and Psychology, Katrina believes in the power of conversation and personal stories to change hearts and minds toward all marginalized persons, and to make the world a kinder, safer place. Katrina loves nature and exploring the outdoors as a therapeutic practice. She enjoys spending time with her wife Maleea and their blended family.