Giving Tuesday 2022!

Sara and Parker outside blowing rainbow confetti from their outstretched hands

We can’t believe it’s that time of year again already! We have had an amazing year at Free Mom Hugs and we are thrilled to keep the momentum going for 2023. But we need your help! Giving Tuesday is a wonderful opportunity for you to join us as we make the world a kinder, safer place for our LGBTQIA+ families. This year, we have been blessed with a Matching Donor who will match your dollar for dollar amount up to $10,000!

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As a gift for your continued support, this year we have Special Edition “Proud Supporter” T-shirts for any donation of $50 or more!

Sara in her home office showing off a t-shirt that says 'proud supporter of Free Mom Hugs'

Founder Sara Cunningham sporting the Special Edition
Proud Supporter T-shirt!

It has been a tumultuous year as we continued to fight for the rights and freedoms of our LGBTQIA+ kids. So many policies have been crafted against their very existence, but our Free Mom Hugs volunteers were up for the challenge. The attacks on their children only made them fight harder and invest their passions in the mission of Free Mom Hugs to create visibility, education and conversations.

Sara outside with a crowd talking into a megaphone

This year, thanks to supporters like you, we engaged in more activities than ever before. Our state chapters volunteers were able to attend over 500 events across the country. From Pride Festivals to Drag Queen Story Hours, college days to sporting events, demonstrations to corporate diversity trainings, our leaders know the power of showing up and being a loving presence.

With over 10,000 new registered volunteers this year, our volunteer base continues to grow. We continue to equip more allies with the resources to make lasting change in their local communities.

Group of people wearing pride gear and free mom hugs t-shirts holding a free mom hugs flag and posed in front of a vintage pickup

Founder Sara Cunningham continues to be a visible spokesperson for the organization and shared the FMH story with people from all walks of life this year. She represented LGBTQ+ equality across the country and was the face of all supportive parents who stand in the gap for their own children and those in the community who have been rejected by people who should be celebrating them.

Sara and Parker outside blowing rainbow confetti from their outstretched hands

Sara and her son Parker were able to make the Don’t Hide Your Pride Tour a tremendous success in the world of equality and representation. They traveled cross country, in partnership with the Human Rights Campaign, to bring awareness to dangerous laws and provide education on how to get involved in the policies that affect LGBTQIA+ children. They were also able to celebrate the completion of the long awaited Mama Bears Doc which made its debut this year. The documentary highlights several amazing families who have journeyed from their faith experience to becoming invested, passionate Mama Bears. This film has already changed so many hearts and minds, and is a priceless resource for those vulnerable conversations that create true and lasting change.

Sara sitting with a panel group of 7 on stage of a Tennessee high school

On the heels of a fabulous year, we have high hopes and goals for 2023. We are getting closer to establishing international chapters to truly take Free Mom Hugs around the world. We also want to continue to supply our chapter leaders with all the resources they need to expand their reach for equity for all. And of course, more college and high school visits, corporate collaborations, panel discussions, pride rides, care packages and most importantly MORE LOVE.

Parker, Cammeron, Jan and two other women standing in a circle outside wearing Free Mom Hugs gear and extending one hand to the center of the circle like a huddle

Will you join us this Giving Tuesday to help us set the stage for 2023 to be the best year yet in the life and mission of Free Mom Hugs? Donate today!

Let’s empower the world to celebrate the LGBTQIA+ community through visibility, education and conversation…TOGETHER.

Sara and group of volunteers outside summer wearing free mom hugs shirts and holding a free mom hugs banner when a rainbow behind them.