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Introducing Our New Podcast!

Your hosts:
Founder Sara Cunningham and Program Director Katrina Kalb

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Our Pride 365 - Keeping Queer Kids Alive podcast is now live!  Our dreams of having a podcast have finally come true. We are so excited to have the opportunity to reach more people with personal stories and special guest speakers that will fill your heart and empower your soul. 

Sara Cunningham is thrilled to have the opportunity to hear more stories, ask questions, and grow with each guest. If you know Sara, it will be the perfect mix of serious and light hearted, as we all continue to celebrate the LGBTQ+ community 365 days a year. 

Katrina Kalb will join Sara and guests as a co-host and also in producer role. She has been with Sara and Free Mom Hugs since 2016 and was a part of the foundational growth of the organization.  She also has a powerful story of her own including the impact of Free Mom Hugs in her life as an LGBTQ+ person.