Free Mom Hugs

Feeding Your Soul, Your Heart and Your Belly.


Sending you love

There is so much that we want to do for our community and staying connected right now is difficult. We are supposed to be celebrating each of you, in-person. As mothers, fathers and children ourselves we have been sending care packages to our loved ones.

National Board Member, Jan Pezant has been sending her special crinkle cookies to her son in Texas. National Board President, Lindsey Miller has received many care packages from her mother-in-law. Now we want to take the opportunity to send a care package to you too!

Things to know about the care package

We want to send one to everyone who wants a little love right now, but unfortunately we cannot send one to the thousands of people we want. For every application we receive we will choose at random those who will receive our care packages.

Our team has been working hard to think of the best way to mail our love and put a lot of special touches in our care packages.

We are so happy to be able to feed your soul, feed your heart, and feed your belly.

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